We're looking for a Rockstar Real Estate Paralegal/Conveyancer to join our team, but not just anyone, a rockstar one!

Our values? Refreshing, reliable, resourceful. And with personality. We believe in speaking the same language as our clients (not Shakespearean) and using technology to improve the efficiency of delivering services. We believe in applying our legal knowledge and experience to simplify the law world into something that our clients understand. A “cut the crap” and down-to-earth, progressive yet professional firm that clients trust. We want to deliver the reliability, professionalism and quality of traditional legal services minus the intimidation, hidden costs, and after-taste of seeing a lawyer. We want to ensure that our clients get what they need, with personable and understanding customer service. You should love your lawyer!

So, basically, our firm is not your typical law firm and doesn’t want to be and, quite honestly, never will be. We are looking for a Rockstar Real Estate Paralegal to assist our fantastic and dynamic but busy team to help out with everything to help our clients in their real estate lives. This is a great opportunity to apply your knowledge, skills and experience in a role that will leave you feeling valued, engaged and professionally fulfilled!

Do you have…

  • Paralegal certificate or diploma (from Capilano University preferred)
  • At least 4-6 years of professional work experience as a real estate paralegal
  • At least 1 year of retail or serving experience
  • Strong eagerness to learn and build foundational knowledge in real estate
  • Willingness to take initiative with the projects on your desk from beginning to end, work independently but know when to ask for help from your teammates without spinning your wheels
  • Be able to multi-task and prioritize projects effectively
  • Great attention to detail, meticulous and organized (a little bit of OCD is fine!)
  • Computer skills in Word (bullets, formatting, basic troubleshooting), Excel (basic spreadsheets)
  • Excellent, pleasant and professional communication skills on the phone, email and in-person
  • Hardworking and team-oriented attitude

Duties will include:

  • accurately and fully preparing all legal documents related to the completion of residential and commercial residential or commercial real estate purchases, residential or commercial real estate refinances/mortgages or residential and commercial real estate sales transactions in BC that the Company accepts, such as transfers of title, property transfer tax returns, statements of adjustments, documents required by the mortgagee or lender);
  • preparing legal documents to correct or modify legal documents until correctly filed, as necessary;
  • maintaining records and files and conduct research to assist lawyers or other professionals;
  • reviewing and researching the form and filing of legal documents;
  • performing searches on government and other databases;
  • drafting correspondence;
  • under the direction of a lawyer, resolving routine legal issues related to real estate transactions;
  • making appointments with clients and ongoing interaction with clients, including in-person meetings;
  • file maintenance including a bring forward system;
  • posting timesheets and preparing invoices;
  • reviewing and completing the file closing checklists; and
  • performing office, administrative, accounting and clerical duties in relation to real estate transactions in accordance with the Company's mission and strategic direction as conveyed through the Company performance management program and goals to continuously improve the Company’s operations with the goal of making it a profitable and successful enterprise.

 In return you will have the opportunity to really progress your career as experience gained in this position and working with us will be invaluable and in high demand. Not going to lie, this is a busy position, but in a fun and refreshing culture! If you’re interested in focusing in on a career as a real estate paralegal, check out our website at www.papercliplaw.com to learn more about us, as personality and cultural fit are our number one hiring criteria. Please apply with your resume and cover letter showing off your personality, your ideal start dates, and answering why you are our Rockstar Real Estate Paralegal/Conveyancer by emailing it to Stephanie Hahn.

Free parking is available within walking distance to the office and totally accessible by bus and Seabus.

We thank everyone who puts in the effort to submit an application but, unfortunately we only have time to contact those candidates who have been selected for an interview.

Elizabeth Mah

Lawyer-Founder, Paperclip Law